Date File Name Size
Jan 6th mp3 The Spirit\'s Help in Our Weakness, Guest Pastor Chris Vogel.mp3 10.45MB
Jan 13th pdf James on Time and Money.pdf 138.66KB
Jan 13th mp3 James on Time and Money, Tom May.mp3 16.88MB
Jan 20th pdf Joy in the Womb.pdf 164.57KB
Jan 20th mp3 Joy in the Womb, Tom May.mp3 11.86MB
Jan 27th pdf Hebrews Introduction.pdf 109.65KB
Jan 27th mp3 Hebrews Introduction, Tom May.mp3 10.87MB
Feb 3rd pdf Hebrews, Introduction 2.pdf 154.52KB
Feb 3rd mp3 Hebrews, Introduction 2, Tom May.mp3 14.56MB
Feb 10th pdf Hebrews, God Has Spoken.pdf 172.73KB
Feb 10th mp3 Hebrews, God Has Spoken, Tom May.mp3 15.67MB
Feb 17th pdf Hebrews, Pay Attention.pdf 123.27KB
Feb 17th mp3 Hebrews, Pay Attention, Tom May.mp3 16.71MB
Feb 24th pdf Hebrews, Jesus, Our Empathetic Brother, Part 1 .pdf 125KB
Feb 24th mp3 Hebrews, Jesus, Our Empathetic Brother, Part 1, Tom May.mp3 18.59MB
Feb 24th pdf PM Communion, Jesus TASTED DEATH.pdf 90.5KB
Feb 24th mp3 PM Communion, Jesus TASTED DEATH, Tom May.mp3 14.07MB
Mar 3rd mp3 Jesus Our Empathetic Brother, Part 2, Tom May.mp3 20.02MB
Mar 3rd pdf Jesus, Our Empathetic Brother, Part 2.pdf 113.14KB
Mar 10th pdf Consider Jesus.pdf 132.38KB
Mar 10th mp3 Consider Jesus, Tom May.mp3 15MB
Mar 17th pdf Hebrews, Don\'t Be Like Them.pdf 112.99KB
Mar 17th mp3 Hebrews, Don\'t Be Like Them, Tom May.mp3 12.7MB
Mar 24th pdf Qualities of A Missions Minded Church.pdf 104.7KB
Mar 24th mp3 Qualities of A Missions Minded Church, Tom May.mp3 16.45MB
Mar 31st pdf Hebrews, Don’t Be Hard Hearted.pdf 111.14KB
Mar 31st mp3 Hebrews, Don’t Be Hard Hearted, Tom May.mp3 16.72MB
Apr 7th pdf Hebrews, Fear and Faith.pdf 126.15KB
Apr 7th mp3 Hebrews, Fear and Faith, Tom May.mp3 16.91MB
Apr 14th pdf Palm Sunday, In Pilates Hall.pdf 231.23KB
Apr 14th mp3 Palm Sunday, In Pilates Hall, Tom May.mp3 18.57MB
Apr 21st pdf Easter Sunday, Encountering the Risen Christ.pdf 122.66KB
Apr 21st mp3 Easter Sunday,Encountering the Risen Christ, Tom May.mp3 16.15MB
Apr 28th pdf The Living Word.pdf 122.06KB
Apr 28th mp3 The Living Word, Tom May.mp3 16.53MB
May 5th mp3 Hebres, Our Sympathetic High Priest, part 1, Tom May.mp3 15.59MB
May 5th pdf Our Sympathetic High Priest, part 1.pdf 118.25KB
May 12th pdf Our Sympathetic High Priest, part 2.pdf 166.42KB
May 12th mp3 Our Sympathetic High Priest, part 2, Tom May.mp3 14.34MB
May 19th pdf Hebrews, The Ideal High Priest.pdf 120.67KB
May 19th mp3 Hebrews, The Ideal High Priest, Tom May.mp3 17.85MB
May 26th pdf Hebrews, Dull of Hearing.pdf 138.19KB
May 26th mp3 Hebrews, Dull of Hearing, Tom May.mp3 15.47MB
Jun 2nd pdf Summer Spiritual Survival Kit.pdf 154.41KB
Jun 2nd mp3 Summer Spiritual Survival Kit, Tom May.mp3 15.09MB
Jun 9th pptx The Purpose of Rest.pptx 12.94MB
Jun 9th pdf The Purpose of Rest.pdf 549.21KB
Jun 9th mp3 The Purpose of Rest, Bob Borger.mp3 17.69MB