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Jan 7th pdf Laws of Sowing, Gal 6, Tom May.pdf 227.57KB
Jan 7th mp3 Laws of Sowing, Gal 6, Tom May95-135.mp3 12.98MB
Jan 14th pdf Laws of Sowing Pt 2.pdf 261.64KB
Jan 14th ppt Laws of Sowing Pt 2 Gal 6.ppt 529KB
Jan 14th mp3 Laws of Sowing Pt 2 Tom May.mp3 16.1MB
Jan 21st mp3 Abortion and the People of the Land, Bob Borger.mp3 11.96MB
Jan 28th mp3 Ecclesiastes Introduction Tom May.mp3 5.07MB
Jan 28th ppt Ecclesiastes wk 1 Intro pt 1.ppt 485KB
Jan 28th pdf Ecclestiastes Introduction wk1 Intro pt 1.pdf 263.51KB
Feb 4th pdf Ecclesiastes Introduction wk2 Intro pt 2.pdf 127.27KB
Feb 4th ppt Ecclesiastes wk 2 Intro pt 2.ppt 492KB
Feb 4th mp3 Ecclesiates Intoduction Pt2 Tom May.mp3 16.57MB
Feb 11th pdf Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 wk3.pdf 144.39KB
Feb 11th ppt Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 wk3.ppt 470.5KB
Feb 11th mp3 Sermon Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 Tom May.mp3 7.72MB
Feb 18th pdf Eccles 2 wk 4.pdf 361.72KB
Feb 18th ppt Ecclesiastes Chap 2 wk 4.ppt 508KB
Feb 18th mp3 The King's Speech, Eccles 2 Wk 4 Tom May.mp3 14.97MB
Feb 25th pdf Eccles Ch3 wk5.pdf 280.47KB
Feb 25th ppt Ecclesiastes Chap 3 wk5.ppt 506KB
Feb 25th mp3 Turn, Turn, Turn, Eccles Ch 3 Tom May.mp3 15.03MB
Mar 4th mp3 Ecclesiastes Ch 4 Tom May.mp3 17.94MB
Mar 4th pdf Ecclesiastes Ch 4 wk 6.pdf 169.35KB
Mar 4th ppt Ecclesiastes Ch 4 wk 6.ppt 475.5KB
Mar 11th mp3 Eccle. 5 The House of God Tom May.mp3 17.89MB
Mar 11th pdf Ecclesiastes Ch 5 wk#7.pdf 276.37KB
Mar 11th ppt Ecclesiastes Chapter 5 wk7.ppt 482.5KB
Mar 18th pdf Eccles 6 wk#8.pdf 116.53KB
Mar 18th mp3 Ecclesiastes 5 and 6 Tom May.mp3 17.86MB
Mar 18th ppt Ecclesiastes chap 6 wk8.ppt 459KB
Mar 25th pdf Palm Sunday - What'er My God Ordains Is Right.pdf 119.19KB
Mar 25th ppt Palm Sunday Mark 14.ppt 462.5KB
Mar 25th mp3 What'er My God Ordains is Right, Tom May.mp3 16.21MB
Mar 30th mp3 Good Friday Service Bob Borger.mp3 11.53MB
Apr 1st ppt Resurrection Sunday.ppt 463.5KB
Apr 1st pdf The Impact of the Resurrection.pdf 120.35KB
Apr 1st mp3 The Impact of the Resurrection, Tom May.mp3 15.99MB
Apr 8th pdf Eccles 7 Wisdom and Folly.pdf 146.28KB
Apr 8th ppt Eccles 7 Wisdom and Folly.ppt 476KB
Apr 8th mp3 Eccles. 7 Wsdom and Folly Tom May.mp3 18.53MB
Apr 15th pdf Eccles 7 pt2 week #10 Wisdom and Folly.pdf 186.52KB
Apr 15th mp3 Eccles 7 Wisdom and Folly 2 Tom May.mp3 15.15MB
Apr 15th ppt Eccles 7 Wisdom and Folly pt2.ppt 487KB
Apr 22nd pdf Ecclesiastes 8.pdf 140.89KB
Apr 22nd ppt Ecclesiastes 8.ppt 465KB
Apr 22nd mp3 Ecclesiastes 8 Tom May.mp3 13.99MB
Apr 29th pdf Ecclesiastes 9.pdf 243.6KB
Apr 29th ppt Ecclesiastes 9.ppt 537.5KB
Apr 29th mp3 Ecclesiastes 9 Tom May.mp3 19.27MB
May 6th pdf Ecclesiastes 10, A Meditation on Folly.pdf 172.2KB
May 6th ppt Ecclesiastes 10, A Meditation on Folly.ppt 431KB
May 6th mp3 Ecclesiastes 10, A Meditation on Folly, Tom May.mp3 15.73MB
May 13th pdf Ecclesiastes 11 Be Young, Be Happy, and Be Godly.pdf 106.22KB
May 13th ppt Ecclesiastes 11 Be Young, Be Happy, and Be Godly.ppt 424KB
May 13th mp3 Ecclesiastes 11 Be Young, Be Happy, and Be Godly , Tom May.mp3 13.41MB
May 20th pdf Ecclesiastes 12 Godly Fear.pdf 155.02KB
May 20th ppt Ecclesiastes 12 Godly Fear.ppt 421.5KB
May 20th mp3 Ecclesiastes 12, Godly Fear, Tom May.mp3 14.43MB