Sunday Service Time Change

August 6th


Sunday July 9, 2017 Announcement

For quite some time the Elders have been discussing the Sunday morning schedule of SS, then Worship. Our question has been, “Would it be advantageous to have worship first, then Sunday school?’

There is nothing biblical about any order and there is nothing magical about the current start times of 9am and 10am. Those times were landed on here at Highlands, and they in fact represented a change from previous practice.

We’ve discussed how to maximize the Sunday morning to have worship and leverage the time to make it easier for folks to be involved in Sunday school – as learners or as teachers for children, youth and adults.

WE BELIEVE THAT THERE IS A VALUE TO Christian EDUCATION, for adults and our children / youth.

Learning, interaction, sharing, and relationship building happen in ways during a bible fellowship class that can’t happen in worship.

In SS or bible fellowship we are more likely to “turn our chairs” and engage with one another. ONE ANOTHERING is going to be our next sermon series AS we learn to be a community that knows how to PASS THE TORCH to the next generation.

Putting SS after worship gives us several advantages:

It makes it easier to participate – YOU’RE ALREADY HERE for worship, so why not stay???

It is easier for volunteers – you don’t have to be here at 9am (8:50 to be ready for your class)

It gives us an extra meeting space for SS– here in the sanctuary

It gives the music team more flexibility because they don’t have to finish practice by 9 to go to

SS.They can actually start a bit later, which is very helpful on days that Dan comes directly from the fire department.

We’ve received input from other churches that have made the change, and they’ve found that it builds their SS without diminishing worship.


“Worship at 9am???” some of you are thinking!!

No, we want to start at 9:30, til 11am, then SS from 11:15- Noon.

The new schedule will start on Aug 6th, which is when we start up SS again.

That seems to be the only possible downside - worship starts earlier, but still not until 9:30. A lot of churches have 8, 8:30, 9am services- some in addition to 11am, but not always, but they do have services that early.

For those who go to work or get kids to school by 7 OR 7:30 or 8 all week, a 9:30 start time is pretty SWEET.

For those already involved in SS, this is a 30 minutes later start time

If a 9:30 worship start time seems hard for you, then give it a go, and I’ll bet you get used to it.

No one is saying that you must “love, love, love” this idea right now. It may take some time to adjust to it. Change can be hard at times. The reality is that we can’t please everyone, all the time.

BUT, IF you’re a member, one of your vows is to promote the peace and purity of the church, SO IF YOU HAVE a legitimate concern, then bring it to me or one of the Elders.

I’m excited about the change, and it took me a while to warm up to it.

The new schedule will start on Aug 6th

Children’s classes downstairs

Adult combined class in the Fellowship Hall