Sunday School

Faith and Finances

Sundays at 9:00 AM


Beginning March 26th and continuing for 7 weeks through May 14th, (Easter excluded), the adult Sunday School for both men and women will be on the topic: Growing Together: A Biblical Approach to Fruitful Ministry in the Body of Christ. Assistant Pastor, Bob Borger, will be the facilitator for this class which will feature DVD teaching from CCEF staff, class discussion, and a one page take-home summary handout. Together we’ll look at the following topics:

  • Our Neediness is God’s Gift (Edward Welch)
  • How God Uses All of Us in the Lives of Others (Edward Welch)
  • Why we Pray and How We Pray (David Powlison)
  • Spiritual Friendship (Aaron Sironi)
  • Persevering in Ministry (Michael Emlet)
  • Helping Our Churches Become Communities of Change (Steve Midgley)

The class will be held in the Fellowship Hall and will begin promptly at 9:00 AM and end at 9:50 AM. Please join us as we consider how believers at Highlands are inseparably joined to other people. Remember, your welfare and your wisdom are connected to the welfare and wisdom of others in the body of Christ. You have an important role to play, both in giving and receiving help, so please make time as we consider this important topic.

What about the kids?

Family worship is never discouraged, but we all understand that kids don't like to sit through seminars. That's just fine!

There are Sunday School classes for everyone in your family. Whether you need to drop your toddler by the nursery, or have your high schooler hang out with some like-minded teens during a Bible study, we have a class for that!